Hey y’all! I recently visited the “SuisseToy” fair and got something for you! I’m giving away four demo codes for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire. 

The special demo is a standalone version of the game. It’s not just some cheap rip-off of the full version but rather an unique experience in the Hoenn region.

Pokemon caught in the special demo can later be transferred to the full version.

Disclaimer: There’s a small possibility that the codes only work in European eShops, I’m sorry about that. You can still participate and then try to redeem it, but I don’t guarantee that it’ll work. A code gives you access to either Omega Ruby OR Alpha Saphire, not both version.


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The codes can be redeemed starting from October 15th. This will also be the date I announce the winners. I’ll send an ask to the winners with the code and also make a post with their URLs so you know that everything went fair and square.